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December 16, 2021 by No Comments

7:15am — I’m in the office today, so I hustle the kids out the door to daycare and head into work. My job involves a lot of coordination of staff across a huge area, but it’s all assigned overtime so people usually pick up my phone calls. My husband has today and tomorrow off, but will work through the weekend. He did some overtime early this morning (no nepotism, I promise) for a couple of hours, so he plans on getting some yard work done this morning and then napping later. I’m jealous. He takes the green waste to the dump, which has (outrageously) started charging a fee to dump green waste ($2). Considering our council rates are $3,400+ annually, we were a bit miffed when this was announced earlier this year. $2

10:00am — The coffee van arrives, and I buy another organic iced latte ($6). Looks like this is becoming a weekly thing. I send the same amount to my investment account to counteract it ($6). $12

12:30pm — I use my lunch break to do the banking — I track all our expenses on a weekly basis, and this helps me budget accordingly for next month. I use an Excel spreadsheet that I built myself because I could never find one that suited my needs, and my banking situation is complicated enough that automatic trackers in apps can’t keep up. Honestly, it’s probably too complicated, but it helps me sleep at night knowing we cover our expenses, invest and put money away for savings. The actual tracking only takes 15 minutes once a week, and planning for the coming month is usually around an hour from start to finish. I eat lunch at my desk (leftover risotto — not as good as it was fresh), and jump between tasks for the afternoon.

4:30pm — Pick up the grocery shopping I ordered last night ($100.69). It’s usually a bit more than this, but our meal kit covers the bulk of our meals. This is just topping up other supplies. Get the kids from daycare, power through the evening routine, and spend the evening re-watching the first season of The Witcher in preparation for season two. $100.69

10:00pm — I’m reading Bulletproof Investing before bed, and it’s giving me plenty to think about regarding property investing and using the equity in our properties to leverage further investments. My husband would buy another property tomorrow and I am firmly in favour of shares, but this book is making me reconsider.

Total Spent: $114.69

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