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December 16, 2021 by No Comments

On December 20, 2021, Calo Metaverse, a pioneering blockchain project based on health and sports as a foundation will officially launch its IDO.

Calo Metaverse integrates most modern technologies such as AR/VR, and especially Metaverse, with the ambition to create a unique blockchain ecosystem for fitness enthusiasts. Let’s take a deeper dive into this fascinating project.

As a pioneering project in the field, Calo aims to build an ecosystem that deploys cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AR, AI, and gamification via a health application named Calo App. With the “burn to earn” mechanism, burned calories can be converted into tokens or NFTs trading on the marketplace, thereby creating passive income for users from their sweat.

This creates a huge motivation when users can gain both health benefits and valuable rewards. There are three factors that help Calo App create a great source of motivation for people. 

First, create passive income. As a completely free application, the main function is to record the user’s training results through the calories consumed, convert calories into reward tokens or NFTs to exchange value. These tokens are called Calo and Fat tokens.

Second, give an enjoyable training experience for users by using AR/VR and the Metaverse. Participating in the world of Challenges in the Calo app, fitness enthusiasts can explore a lot of different practice locations around the globe from magnificent Paris to the hot Sahara Desert.

Not only that, but the Calo app also provides virtual tools such as virtual balls, virtual jump ropes to help increase the practicing experience of simple sports such as spot training, swimming, cycling, running, climbing to more advanced challenges.

Calo’s challenges system helps users set challenges for themselves, thereby being motivated to practice more. When completing the challenge, users will also receive a corresponding reward in the form of tokens or NFTs items. Besides, daily physical training activities are also fully recorded and rewarded through Fat Token.

Users participating in the Calo App can fully use the Calo Tokens and Fat tokens earned through physical activity to exchange valuable items from the Fitness Marketplace system on the app or exchange products from sponsors.

Third, connecting the global sports-loving community. As an unlimited app, the Calo App allows users around the globe to log in and participate in workouts. Being part of a large community with the same goal of training and staying healthy and keeping fit will give each person a stronger motivation to practice than when they practice alone.

Not only that, users can also use tokens earned through practice to contribute to social organizations, …….



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