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Newark, Delaware–(Newsfile Corp. – December 18, 2021) – EverGrow Coin is the first cryptocurrency to reward its holders with $BUSD. It is currently the leading cryptocurrency in the crypto world. EverGrow became the fastest mass adopted coin in history as it amassed over 100,000 token holders in two months since its launch. EverGrow recently updated its website with many surprises for its holders and a clear roadmap for 2022. EverGrow Coin has one of the most active communities that continues to grow daily. EverGrow recently revealed its plan to launch Its own crypto wallet and Crypto exchange, the first exchange of its kind designed to fully support seamless tokenomics integration, and allow rewards in native and non-native currencies to be paid flawlessly.

EverGrow Coin

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In September 2021, EverGrow Coin($EGC) was launched by an experienced team of finance experts, marketers, and blockchain experts. EverGrow Coin is a bold and daring strategy to overcome competition and become the new crypto giant in history. Within two months, holders of $EGC have received over $30 million of Binance-pegged USD rewards- a stable currency pegged 1-to-1 with the USD- making it the most rewarding crypto of all time and a passive income leader. The $EGC currently has more than 110,000 holders.

With their history-making project, $EGC grew to over $1 billion in market cap, termed a significant data error by CoinMarketCap. This incident happened just a few weeks into the launch and caused mass panic among investors. A series of articles-rumored to be working for competitions- exploited the panic to draw the interest of the investors away from the project. The data error was corrected recently, which stabilized the price, confirming returning confidence signs. $EGC still maintains its value below the highs achieved before this error. The EGC community continued growing because of the unique features it possesses:

8% of buying and selling transactions are redistributed directly to their wallets to all $EGC token holders. The rewards are automatically sent to the token holders, and they can be claimed in EverGrow Dapp Dashboard.

EGC transfers 3% of transactions as $EGC into Pancakeswap, a liquidity pool. The deposit matches every $EGC transaction with liquidity in the liquidity pool. A bigger liquidity pool will provide more stability to the $EGC price.

2% of every $EGC transaction is converted to BNB and stored in an EGC contract. The wallet enables the EGC purchases while removing the purchased tokens permanently from the circulating …….

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/evergrow-coin-launches-website-roadmap-214100197.html


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