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December 20, 2021 by No Comments

SW Capital, a Germany-based Hedge Fund, seeded the products of its decentralized spin-off SW DAO with $750,000 of capital. SW Capital pledges that every dollar generated by their investment into the tokenized strategies flows directly into the DAO treasury.

SW Capital, a $50M AUM Germany-based Hedge Fund, has seeded its decentralized spin-off SW DAO with $750,000 in capital for its tokenized investment portfolios. $500,000 of capital has been deployed into SW DAO’s tokenized Yield Farming fund, SW Yield Fund (SWYF). An additional $250,000 of capital has also been deployed into SW DAOs flagship product the SW Alpha Portfolio (SWAP). Both these products are tokenized variants of SW DAO’s public investment strategies which have shown alpha-generating results since their launch in mid-2020.

All profits generated from these SW Capital investments will be provided directly to the SW DAO treasury with no later reimbursement by SW DAO necessary. The SW DAO team has estimated this will provide a boost of $50,000 in net profit to the DAO treasury for the month of December. This move by SW Capital comes just in time as SW DAO has started discussions with mobile application developers who will soon begin building out a Web3 app for the DAO product line. With the boost of treasury funds assisted by SW Capital, the DAO will be able to make investments that will foster growth to the SWD token base.

“SW Capital saw no better opportunity than to deploy capital within our tokenized investment products as we are firm believers in the systems we have built, and in the strength of our DAO community that will manage them. We are putting our money where our mouth is and supporting the community that has been with us for the past year. Our hope is that building the DAO treasury will allow us to begin building brand awareness campaigns through growth-stimulating capital investments.”
-Alexander Markl, Co-Founder, Head of Strategy

SW DAO’s flagship product SW Alpha Portfolio, and their passive income generating SW Yield Fund have been rigorously tested in the markets over the past year. Internal performance reviews have shown that over the past 12 months SWAP has outperformed Ethereum by greater than 1.4x. SWYF offers a safer investment profile as it seeks 0% directional market exposure, while also being fully insured when possible. SWYF anticipates returning an annualized 80% net of fees.

About SW DAO: offers a range of strategic DeFi investment products which allocate capital based on Machine Learning and quantitative methods. Their unique tokenized investment portfolios cover a wide range of automated trading strategies with varying risk tolerances that when blended properly can craft …….



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