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When the pandemic set in, it stopped the world in its tracks and forced people to rethink. Rethink how they run their business, their sources of income, their health, and even their relationships. Now, companies like PushAMZ are at the forefront of helping businesses and individuals attain their goals faster.

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PushAMZ is the leading e-commerce account management company in the world. It helps investors start, manage, and scale up their Amazon and Walmart automation stores. What this means is that as an investor, you get an extra passive income stream completely hands-free. The way it’s set up, this mechanism offers you to make between 10–30% passive monthly yields without any of your funds being held. 

For an investor looking for investment opportunities that don’t involve brick and mortar businesses, partnering with PushAMZ may be the answer for several reasons. One, you will be working with a seasoned team that knows what it’s doing. The company’s founders, Luis Millan and Mac Ismail, are expert e-commerce entrepreneurs with years of experience.

Luis has been in the tech space for years and has been featured in Forbes and the International Business Times several times. Mac is an entrepreneur who has worked with government agencies on procurement and international logistics. He has also worked with some of the largest global trends in Australia, Dubai, the UK, Africa, and the US. The two have vast management skills and have each led teams of 50 tech employees in large organizations in the past.

Luis and Mac started from scratch to create PushAMZ and made it an 8-figure revenue business within a short time. Today, they lead a team of 100+ worldwide and generate passive incomes for 120 investors. So far, they have worked on 150+ e-commerce campaigns. Luis acts as the COO, and Mac is the chairman.

The company’s executive management team also includes Jonathan Maxim, Stephanie Schuldt, and Chase Alley. Jonathan acts as both the chief revenue officer and chief marketing officer. Chase is a brand ambassador, and Stephanie is both a brand ambassador and influencer. In fact, Stephanie is the second reason you should give this partnership deeper thought.

Besides being on the executive management team, Stephanie is also PushAMZ’s client. An enthusiastic lover of the ocean and everything that comes with it, Stephanie is a 3x spearfishing world record holder and former seasoned corporate executive. She is also a 200-ton boat captain, a master free-dive instructor, and a divemaster.

Thanks to the passive income she gets from her partnership with PushAMZ, she lives on her catamaran sailboat with her dog Zeaky full-time. At the moment, she is preparing …….

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