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December 17, 2021 by No Comments

The metaverse is growing. Progress towards the next generation of the internet, which includes the metaverse, is well on its way.

From Meta (formerly known as Facebook) to Roblox, the largest players in the social media and gaming spaces, among others, are already planning for the digital world which is to come.

Among these players is PARSIQ, an automation platform that serves as “the glue” between platforms of all kinds – decentralized blockchains or centralized applications.  In particular, PARSIQ will be enabling key and critical communications within the metaverse – ensuring that blockchain data gets adequately routed and notified in real-time. True to its mission to connect Web3 to Web2, its existence in this new digital reality will ensure that all of the relevant information that needs to be connected and routed will have the pathways and means to do so.

Further, new revolutionary technology will unlock entirely new use cases for an increasingly important sector in the blockchain industry – NFTs.  Access to NFTs will take on completely new meanings – with the enablement of renting and borrowing capabilities made possible by the newly released IQ Protocol. IQ, which provides a framework for subscription-based services and risk-free collateral-less loans, will introduce possibilities in the metaverse that are bound only by the limits of one’s imagination.

While we are still years away from realizing the full potentials of the metaverse, PARSIQ’s technology is already at a point where it can support two key requirements of any successful world – communication and economy.

The seamless experience will only be possible if the individual worlds find ways to bridge and communicate with each other. PARSIQ is at the forefront of this type of technology.  Both of its core competencies – realized in PARSIQ’s monitoring solutions and in the IQ Protocol — provide different ways to connect blockchain systems in the decentralized world, and make possible the seamless experience that is desired.

IQ Solution – leveraging the growing importance of NFTs

NFTs are hotter than ever.  And not just because they have the potential to rake in millions of dollars for some fortunate investors, but their utility and what they can represent in the digital world is finally beginning to be understood by the masses.  Therefore, as we continue onward progress in the development of the metaverse, it is highly expected that NFTs will play an increasing and increasingly important, role in this new digital world.

To leverage this expected growth and adoption, IQ Protocol provides a framework for subscription-based services in the blockchain world.  With NFTs, IQ provides the means for participants to utilize these unique digital assets in any …….



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