Man discovers ‘huge’ red flags after paying off his fiancee’s 5-figure debt: ‘[She] is obviously just using you’ – Yahoo Canada Finance

December 16, 2021 by No Comments

A man feels like his fiancee might just be using him for his money.

He asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help. After he and his fiancee got engaged, he paid off $75,000 of her debts. Since he has given her the money, she has spent less and less time with him. Now he wonders if she was only ever interested in his bank account.

“I don’t care when my fiancee Hannah goes out with her friends or does whatever,” he said. “But for the last few months, I really feel like I have taken a back seat to her priorities. Hannah has been in some deep financial s*** for years. I do very well financially.”

“Once we got engaged, I did a real big overhaul of her financial debt. She went from being $75,000 in debt to being 100% debt-free and owning a car. I was happy to do it, as we are spending our lives together, and once that was solid, I went ahead and pulled the trigger.”

No matter how much he pleaded with her, Hannah never seemed interested in making him a priority.

“She has reduced the time [for] seeing me to once a week (we don’t live together yet, as we are building a home together and our individual leases aren’t up until the home is finished),” he explained. “And I have [told] her that I would really like to hang out with her more. She just blames it on her busy schedule or says sure, but it really just doesn’t happen.”

“I feel like I have nagged her to the bone in a nice way and also abrasive ways that I don’t feel like a priority — that I am being put on the back burner. But if she wants something or money, then I am suddenly just her angel. I am about to lose my shit. I’m not cool with spending four hours a week with my fiancee. She knows this, but apparently, it doesn’t sink in. It’s like she got the money she needed, and now I am just her piggy bank.”

Redditors confirmed the man’s suspicions.

“If for any reason you end up marrying this woman, who is obviously just using you, make sure you get a prenup to protect your assets. You’re already seeing HUGE red flags even before marriage,” a user wrote.

“Don’t make a more expensive mistake marrying her,” another said.

“Leave her immediately,” someone …….



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