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London, United Kingdom, Dec. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fresh off to a successful launch on PinkSale this past Sunday, Passive Token opens up its crypto domination to the world. Passive income has been a well-established catchphrase over the past few years to encompass a wide variety of ways to make extra money after work. User engaged in these endeavors has realized chiefly there is nothing actually “passive” about this additional income.

PASSIVE is a low supply – high rewards token. With a supply of 888 888 total supply where 888 is the number of abundance and wealth. Supply and demand are the number focus of the Token, and the high rewards paid in BUSD are a bonus for holders before it goes mainstream.

Powered by the RETIRE Finance ecosystem, an auto compounding ecosystem has two tokens offering. User can now earn 15% BUSD rewards + 3% $RETIRE for holding 28 $PASSIVE tokens and 15% USDT rewards.

The platform is the first-ever double-rewards Token with a low supply and the highest rewards system on the BSC network. The founders of Passive Token pose the question, ‘’Why do people have to work more to survive?’’

They conclude that it’s because your average human being is not being paid enough at their 9-5 job. Passive Token believes that the whole system is broken and that ‘’passive income’’ is a strategy to continually enslave the man in the street to a cycle of never-ending work without any real benefits.

The concept of passive income is to make passive with big monetary rewards. The platform aims to provide crypto traders a secure place to invest and earn actual passive income without rug pulls or honeypots. Passive Token’s premise is “that investments should work harder than the investor, giving the token holder rewards for literally chilling with family and enjoying life…without being a slave to the wage.” The Token gives BUSD back to its holders for every transaction made on the Passive income platform.

BUSD offers a faster way to fund trades and is acceptable as a medium of exchange, value store, and payment method across the global crypto ecosystem due to Binance. Passive Token claims to be the highest double rewards token on the market with a 15% BUSD plus a 3% $RETIRE rewards system, of which 18% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders.

The platform’s CEX listing is confirmed in the first week of the launch, followed by CoinMar-ketCap and CoinGecko listings. As a PASSIVE token holder, there is no need to claim earned BUSD or $RETIRE as it’s automatically sent to the holder’s wallet address every 60 minutes.

For marketing, the Passive Token will use 2% to push the …….



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