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Becoming an affiliate may seem like the most straightforward thing in the world: after all, what’s so complicated about posting a few links on your website and then watching the money roll in? However, while it is indeed easy to set up an affiliate account, it can be hard to master it and take full advantage of the tools you’re given.

The best benefit of affiliate marketing in comparison with other types of digital advertising is that it requires fewer touch-ups and is one of the most “passive” ways to make money online. Once you set up and fine-tune your affiliate links, banners, and widgets, you can forget about them for a year or two, letting them rack up profits for you in the background.

We have asked our friends at Changelly to share with us their expert tips on how to increase affiliate revenue. Changelly has been working with cryptocurrencies for over six years and operates an ecosystem of crypto-related services, including an instant exchange and a beginner-friendly full-featured trading platform.

How to Earn More as an Affiliate

There are three main challenges when it comes to making money as an affiliate:

  1. Choosing the right affiliate partner
  2. Enticing your audience to click on your affiliate links
  3. Expanding your audience and growing your platform.

All three of these are equally important for increasing your affiliate income. For example, huge audiences and top-tier banner placement aren’t worth much if you’re working with a platform that makes it impossible to get payouts or that has low commission rates. Not to mention, if you’re advertising a bad product or service, your audience may turn away from you. You should always thoroughly research companies you plan on becoming an affiliate of.

Sometimes, earning more as an affiliate can be as easy as finding an affiliate partner that does payouts in crypto or your national fiat currency — that way, you won’t have to worry about bank/PayPal fees …….

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