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With the world entering a new era of online consumerism, entrepreneurs like the Mikkelsen twins have found a way to fill in the gaps and generate more income while escaping 9 to 5.

Amazon is responsible for creating over 40,000 millionaires to date. What you might not know is that the publishing sector of Amazon is worth over $280 million alone. Globalization is rapidly changing the way people earn money, and the Pandemic has not only forced people inside but has also encouraged them to think differently. As a result, online book sales have soared.

Generation-X has experienced more than many. They lived through the AIDS epidemic and went from navigating life with minimal technology to deciphering the big tech boom. Gen-Xer’s, now in their late 40s to mid-50s are a smaller generation wedged between millennials and Baby Boomers.

According to a recent report by Harvard Business Review, corporate career promotions for Gen-X have almost come to a complete standstill over the past 5 years. With the pressure of continued job loss on the horizon as the Pandemic quietly edges on, the living in the moment mindset is taking over. Their eagerness to venture into entrepreneurialism is being met by the Mikkelsen Twins who have created a new way to financial freedom.

Pioneering The Trail

Rasmus Mikkelsen and Christian Mikkelsen, co-founders of multimillion-dollar Publishing Life, are pioneers in the Amazon publishing and audiobook space. Their latest book, ‘The Freedom Shortcut’ details a unique method to financial freedom through self-publishing and leveraging the Amazon platform.

Since the inception of Publishing Life in 2018, the Mikkelsen Twins, who have traveled the world while helping their students, have maintained the belief that real-world experience and results in business will always be of more value than credentials.

Now, these 8 Figure CEOs have added to that belief with a newfound perspective on the world. “A lot of people think making money online is not for them because they are “too old”, or “not good with computers” but the truth is, this is something absolutely anyone can do. No matter your skills, age, or experience, this has been proven time and time again by our students that you can make a living online. The stories we hear from our community – how they are able to pay off their debts, travel overseas for the first time, or even quit their job- make us love what we do.” Christian said.

The Shortcut Solution

Since the Pandemic, millions of people have begun searching Amazon, daily, for reads that inspire a new way of living, and education on ways to build financial freedom …….



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