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Podcasters can potentially earn thousands of dollars for every episode they record. But getting your show to earn that kind of income takes time and a lot of hard work. And you need skills too, like the kind you can accrue with The 2022 Professional Podcast Masterclass Bundle, discounted by an extra 20 percent with code for Green Monday.

This beginner-friendly training package features ten courses that introduce students to the world of podcasting. They’ll learn how to choose the right equipment for their application, get acquainted with recording software titles like Audacity, and discover how to record a show that’s both informative and entertaining. Then, students will learn how to monetize their show, so they’ll start earning passive income.

Each course comes highly rated by students, and they’re facilitated by respected professionals like Phil Ebiner and John Shea, so this is a great opportunity to learn from people who’ve already experienced success. 

If you want to start a podcast but aren’t sure how to go about it, then The 2022 Professional Podcast Masterclass Bundle needs to be your first stop. And since you can enroll for just $20 with code GREEN20, then there’s never been a better time. 

The 2022 Professional Podcast Masterclass Bundle – $20 with code GREEN20

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