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December 20, 2021 by No Comments

Somewhere along the way she learned the concept of mailbox money or passive income and after years of earning revenue for big corporations, she started taking a bigger piece of the pie by starting her own business.

With only self-motivation Tina Hernandez, known online as Tina Loren, figured out how to not only apply to college but also earn scholarships to fund her education. While working toward her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Texas Tech University she stepped up and landed an internship at Ford Motor Company where she worked full time for nearly 10 years. In that time, she also earned a double concentration MBA at prestigious Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business. As great and financially rewarding as Corporate America was, she felt she was only taking a sliver, not even a piece of the revenue pie. Her goal was to build businesses that provided passive income. She envisioned the type of work that would earn her money even when she wasn’t working. 

She turned to the modern-day expert of all things Google! Google told her to get into real estate or insurance and now she is an independent insurance agency builder with a growing client and agent base in Texas. The message that she wants to share is “You can do it too! You can build your dream life! The hardest part is taking the first step forward” She said, “I thought I needed to write this big business plan and all of the fancy stuff I learned in school and serial entrepreneur Terri Maxwell told me just start where you are and use what ya got”. Now she mentors her agents to trust themselves and take a step forward toward whatever they want to build for their future. As a Latina, she is especially passionate about being the female role model she didn’t have. “Many of the challenges that Latinas face stem from being the trailblazers of our families; we pave the path for future generations and thank God for the strong women before us.”

Tina isn’t sitting back while that mailbox money rolls in, she’s constantly innovating, creating and learning. “One thing I do to stay motivated is to continually study; I’m a study bug, listening to audio books, YouTube, Instagram—I constantly feed myself positive affirmations and meditation.” She’s also motivated by wanting to maintain her lifestyle, which includes global travel. “I know if I want to continue to do the things I’m accustomed to, I need to create stuff that helps people; I’ve found that when I help …….



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