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As the job market continues to evolve in a post-COVID world, people all over the globe are sharing their internet to earn extra cash.

ALBERTA, CANADA, December 16, 2021 / — With people adapting to the changing financial landscape created by the COVID-19 pandemic, some have found a creative way to supplement their bottom line.

IPRoyal Pawns, one of the leading internet sharing platforms, notes a significant in-crease in membership during the past year.

The average IPRoyal Pawns member can earn up to $50 per month simply by launch-ing a smartphone or desktop app. IPRoyal says the app runs in the background quietly, and the user doesn’t even notice it during everyday use.

According to customer reviews on various websites, including TrustPilot, IPRoyal Pawns pays customers in as little as 24 hours, making it an attractive option for quick cash.

The one question on people’s minds these days is privacy. Is sharing your internet con-nection safe? We turned to IPRoyal CEO, Karolis Toleikis, to get the facts on internet sharing security.

Q: How safe is sharing your internet connection with IPRoyal Pawns?

A: We have a strict client vetting process and robust safety procedures in place to en-sure that our platform remains secure. Most of our clients come to us for added privacy in marketing research and SEO-related activities. We confirm our clients before granting them access to our service and monitor usage 24/7 to guard against unusual activity. We can suspend any bad actors immediately to protect our network and our Pawns mem-bers when necessary.

Q: What about the traffic created by the app?

A: All incoming and outgoing traffic is encrypted. The app doesn’t have access to any data on the device (files, contacts, and other private information). We only ask for the permissions necessary to keep the service working properly.

Q: When would someone need to change their IP address?

A: There are many reasons why someone wants or needs a different IP address. The most common usage is search engine optimization (SEO) research from a specific loca-tion; other scenarios include demographic analysis, review monitoring, website testing, etc.

Q: Do only businesses use your proxy services?

A: It’s not all business-related, of course. Many clients use our global proxies to find cheaper plane tickets, vacation deals, and even for online gaming. For example, plane ticket prices can vary by location, and you can save substantially by purchasing from a country with lower rates. Using our proxy pool, customers can make the most of websites such as Travelocity, which aggregates the various fares.

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