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“The Golden Bridge” is the first game of SHIBGAME that allows players to jump over a suspended bridge line with glass panels.

SHIBGAME, a new token with 7 unique features has been unveiled! SHIBGAME allows winning tokens by participating in its survival tournaments. Everyone can take part by buying the Shiba Games tokens worth $20 or more and getting the exclusive right to participate in the Crypto Survival Tournament. Winners share their prize pool equal to 1% across all transactions for a certain period of time.

“The Golden Bridge” is the first game of SHIBGAME that allows players to jump over a suspended bridge line with glass panels. The glass panels are different: some are stronger, some are more fragile. If the player chooses fragile glass, it will break and the gamer will fall.

Features of the Shiba Games token

SHIBGAME token uses seven protocols combined into the Smart Contract code. The seven unique features allow it to stand in the event of any fluctuations, and they contribute to making SHIBGAME a competitive token in the cryptocurrency market. Every buying transaction is taxed in the amount of 7%, the tax is divided into equal portions:

– Crypto survival tournaments;
– Reflection;
– Lottery;
– Burn;
– Buyback;
– Auto-liquidity;
– Marketing & Development.

The reflection feature allows people to increase their balance automatically by holding the SHIBGAME token. Everybody who holds a SHIBGAME token will be receiving 1% of every transaction. If someone buys or sells a SHIBGAME token, then the holders get tokens for free!

The 1% lottery fee gives additional tokens to randomly selected SHIBGAME buyers. 1% is taken from each transaction and stored into a lottery pot within the smart contract. Whenever a person buys the token, a dice is rolled with numbers ranging from 1 to 100. A buyer gets rewarded with additional tokens once they hit 100.

The burning feature means that tokens are taken out of the circulating supply on every trade. It functions by taking 1% of each transaction and burning it. It results in your token’s value increase. This definitely makes SHIBGAME a perfect long-term investment.

The buyback fee is gathered by the contract and sold into BNB for buyback tokens later. The purchased tokens are automatically burned away. This feature increases the price of SHIBGAME as compared to the circulating supply.

The auto-liquidity feature automatically increases the SHIBGAME liquidity by taking 1% of every transaction and placing it towards the liquidity pool. Bigger liquidity always means that swapping SHIBGAME in and out of the liquidity pool fluctuates prices to a smaller degree and efficiently increases the price floor. This …….



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