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ÖSTERREICH, AUSTRIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 13, 2021 / SolidETH is this years paradigm shifting accomplishment in the cryptocurrency space. Cryptocurrency has been reimagined by the coin’s founders as a means to generate passive income for loyal holders. This set-and-forget currency ensures that all holders see significant returns of 8% which are instantly allocated by the Binance Smartchain. This 8% return is drawn from a 15% tax levied on each transaction of SolidETH, the 8% can accessed without the SolidETH investment being impacted.

Ready for some quick maths? If you are holding 1 billion SolidETH and the trading volume sits at 1 million dollars a day you will earn $100 a day in cold. hard. Ethereum. which can be accessed at any time. Each transaction of SolidETH also adds 2% to the liquidity on PancakeSwap which is locked away and rendered unavailable, this means that with each transaction the price floor rises and the coin becomes more valuable. The remaining 5% is then used on marketing with transparent campaigns and partnerships

Why SolidETH should be your passive income source

SolidETH is one of the first auto-claim Ethereum reward mechanisms on the Binance Smart Chain, SolidETH – a passive income rewards token – is a long-term hold token and an engineering achievement in the BSC ecosystem. SolidETH was built and designed to provide the best possible benefit to individuals who prefer to hold onto their cryptocurrencies. Many of SolidETH’s early holders have reported earning up to $50-$100 a day in Ethereum rewards. This coin has unlimited potential and the upside for growth is second to none. This is a proven way to generate a regular income in a (sometimes chaotic and unreliable) cryptocurrency world.

Our Future

The SolidETH development team are busy creating a dashboard that will allow users to view their paid-out rewards. The team are nearly done with it and will be launching it to the outside world only when it meets their high-quality standards. Marketing is also a key focus for SoildETH, ‘We are currently working with many influencers on YouTube and Twitter to publicise and build our brand whilst increasing our holders’. SolidETH have an exciting roadmap ahead with huge plans to create reliable wallets, exchanges, and their own complete eco-system.

How to find out more

Follow us on social media handles and get the related news early as we will launch so many exciting things on our website. You can get the latest news on our social media handles.

Media Contact :

Company Name: SolidETH
Company Address : Sapphogasse 14, 1100 Wien, Österreich
Contact Person Name: Felix
Contact Person Email: [email protected]




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