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December 18, 2021 by No Comments

When you work and get paid for it, that is active income. But if you suddenly lose your job for any reason – layoffs, illness, have not gotten along with your boss, this income will be lost. Passive income is money that comes to you regularly, regardless of your age, health, and workability.

What are the sources of passive income? Some of the most popular are bank deposits, investments in securities, real estate, and crowdfunding, the creation of intellectual property, and also the main trend of our time – cryptocurrencies.

Unlike all of the above methods of passive earnings, cryptocurrencies have an undeniable advantage – this is a completely new area for all investors and those who want to make money on it. In simple terms – the big game starts only now, the market has not yet been mastered and investments in cryptocurrency, and specifically in the method of its production – mining, are considered one of the most profitable and promising at the moment.

The complexity of mining is only increasing every day, which means that what you can earn from mining today will be reduced by at least two in a year. Mining is the process of “producing” cryptocurrency using computing devices (processors and video cards).

In the process of crypto-mining, colossal volumes of electricity are involved, and the equipment itself quickly becomes unusable. In addition, the classic method of generating electricity causes serious damage to the environment. Therefore, those who follow technological progress choose ecological cloud mining.

In cloud mining, the user rents the power from the company, so bitcoins can be mined anywhere on our planet and with absolutely any device. The main thing is to have a good internet connection. And companies that use renewable energy sources like the sun and water are attracting more and more crypto enthusiasts to their side.

One of the brightest representatives of this area is the GreenHashes company. The specificity of the company is the use of only renewable energy sources. With the help of wind turbines and solar panels, the company manages to generate electricity and provide eco-mining machines affordably and sustainably. You can create a passive income in just 3 steps:

1. Choose a package. First of all, familiarize yourself with the terms of use, go through a simple registration and check all the current packages. The price ranges from $20 to $24,000, so everyone can try themselves in eco-friendly mining. Every package differs validity as well – from 2 up to 8 months: change your strategy depending on the market’s situation. Payment for contracts takes place in Bitcoin to secure the system.

2. Start earning passive income. When you buy a contract on the company’s …….



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