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Just a year ago, talking about electric vehicles was like talking about a future that is at least 5 years down the lane. Fast forward a few months, EVs are all the hype. A lot of investors are also wanting to become a part of the growing EV ecosystem by setting up the much-needed charging infrastructure. But, is there a plausible way to do so? Here we discuss some important aspects to consider before setting up charging stations. Further, some prominent players in ecosystem explain the steps required to setup such infra. Also Read – Electric scooters you can buy under Rs 1 lakh

Some of the factors to consider while setting up EV charging stations

Types of EVs: In the passenger vehicle (PV) segment, two-wheeler and four-wheeler EVs have gained some acceptance. Electric scooters are more popular due to their versatility and mainly because the scooters are built for short distances within the city. Four-wheeler EVs are yet to witness a substantial boost but with companies such as Tata Motors actively pushing out fully electric car models, we can expect a boom in the segment very soon. Also Read – Electric Vehicle (EV) sales tripled to 1.18 lakh units in India in H1 FY22: Report

Real Estate: The real estate plays a crucial role in the success or failure of a charging station and it is also where the major chunk of the investment will go. Access to charging stations and their visibility will heavily rely on the location. Availability of land on the road-side or a city centre could be a decisive factor in the success of such infra. Also Read – TVS and BMW Motorrad enter new deal to produce electric vehicles in India: Check details

EV Charger types: There are options of rapid chargers, fast chargers and slow chargers. Rapid charging technology needs special compatibility with the vehicle to deliver optimum charging speed. Fast chargers may not provide the same charging speed as rapid chargers but they have a broader user-base. Slow chargers are the most commonly accessible and most often installed at homes to charge the vehicles overnight.

AC chargers which are easily accessible provide a power output ranging from 3 kW to 22 kW whereas DC chargers can provide a power output ranging from 15kW to over 350kW.

Here we talk to some of the prominent EV players in the country about ways in which individual investors can put in money to set up charging infra.

How can one apply for a charging station to generate passive income?

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